‘Eagle Eye’ 21/10/2008

As a concept ‘Eagle Eye’ is tight and exciting, as a movie it is utterly bereft of any connection with reality. Thanks to Shia LaBeouf, a well-struck tone and only a little fat on the plot, we can say who gives a fuck; it’s an action thriller for teenagers.

LaBeouf continues to be the most engaging actor in his age group and preposterous though his last few movies have been (flying fridges + pissing robots etc); he yet again rises above the material to be the ‘big draw’. He’s great. Completely likeable and completely worthy of his leading man status.

That creepy kid from ‘Mirrors’ showed up here again. Is he stalking me? Am I destined to have that kid pop up in every film I see this week?

With the exception of some dreadful car chases and an implausible twist, the original concept and good casting is strong enough to propel ‘Eagle Eye’ from start to end. It’s not perfect but it doesn’t need to be. I liked it a lot.