‘Mirrors’ 20/10/2008

‘I feel like I’m not the one looking into the mirrors, but they’re looking back at me.’

‘Mirrors’ amused me.

By the time Jack Bauer (and make no mistake, Sutherland is playing JB) started shooting bullets around and shouting at his own reflection I had just about had enough. Its half an hour too long for starters, completely extraneous scenes padding a ninety minute film out to almost two hours. It’s all fine and entertaining for Bauer to go and spend some time with a gang of expository rednecks, but the third act could (and should) have zipped along at twice the speed.

My feelings aren’t entirely negative though, and I’ll give credit where credit is due. The film looks great for its budget. Alexandre Aja shoots a damn fine looking movie and is able to squeeze some good scares out of the material. Some of the hallucinatory sequences are gruesome, originally conceived and unusually effective.

Sadly, the films downfall is that in adhering to predictable generic conventions (i.e.: clichés), it ends up treading a wholly unoriginal path. Sutherland’s back story has been seen a thousand times, the final ‘battle’ plays like something from one of those soul destroying Exorcist sequels and a scene with a psychiatrist explaining split personality disorder is right out of a bad episode of the X-Files. Jason Flemyng is completely wasted as Sutherland’s former colleague. Scenes of Kiefer and his family slapping green paint over all the reflective surfaces in sight had the crowd giggling like they were watching ‘Flightplan’ again.

Unintentional comedy it may be, but ‘Mirrors’ is pretty watchable. I wouldn’t strongly recommend it, but genre fans will almost certainly find at least something to like amongst the blood and Bauer.


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