‘Saw V’ 24/10/2008

‘Saw V’ is the best of the four sequels. The new director aids a smooth transition into the final couple of instalments and it’s a step above the previous few films in the franchise. I’d argue the ending was a little abrupt but when the credits rolled I was too surprised and pleased to kick up much of a fuss. It’s better than a late sequel in a horror franchise has any right to be and like the excellent ‘Nightmare on Elm Street 3’, recaptures some of the original magic that sequel after sequel usually dilutes.

Some of the games, especially the final ’10 pints’ circular saw trap have an intensity and invention missing from the last couple of movies. The characters involved in this area of the film are underdeveloped (why is Morris O’Brian from ‘24’ there?) but engaging and watchable. Costas Mandylor takes over the reigns of the series with ease and I’m pretty happy to have a Tobin Bell-free final episode.