Quick Bits

I’m cobbling together my Top 10 of the year, playing crazy catch-up to fit in as many missed on cinema release as possible. Only God Forgives, Mud and The Act of Killing are likely to be referenced at the end of December, so I’ll refrain from writing further until I’ve finished gathering my thoughts. It’s been a startlingly impressive eleven (.5) months, with no shortage of great work vying for celebration at years end.

 Brief recent shit:

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. All together rounder and richer than the first film, impressive in scope and ambition with a terrific Jennifer Lawrence and propulsive, purposeful setpieces. Lionsgate has a franchise on their hands here that seems determined to prove itself more relevant and interesting than anything pooped out over the summer season.

Saving Mr Banks. Great, sparky cast let down by over-reliance on convention, poor structure and bland direction. In conclusion – unremarkable, solid entertainment with some nice sequences and strong Hanks moustache. Disney will push it big for awards contention but beyond the performances, there’s nothing with the bite to warrant standing alongside the years best.