‘Terminator Genisys’ (Alan Taylor, 2015)

Yeah, so this one stunk.

Genisys never justifies its own existence, failing to delve into the rich series mythology to find a story worth telling and instead opting to, effectively, follow T3’s lead in offering up another stale remake of T2: Judgment Day. If you’re going to extend the franchise beyond the definitive ending of James Cameron’s two pictures, at least bring something to warrant dragging out audiences for a fifth time. Fandom has no problem conjuring endless interesting stories in the Terminator-verse, so why do studios so consistently fail to capitalise on the possibilities available? Why does this sequel – with no shortage of talent behind and in front of the camera – mangle itself into circles and eventually disappear deep up its own asshole with thunderously boring setpieces, an atrocious third-act and little in the way of vision, purpose or direction. Why return to this set of characters again when there’s so much obvious fruit to be picked from elsewhere in a post-apocalyptic world? Why am I stuck watching yet another actor as John Connor going through the motions trying to stop the same shit in the same way against the same ‘new model threat’. A series with so much possibility is rendered tedious and unoriginal for the third consecutive film.

Rian Johnson’s Looper, a superior time-travel actioner with a fraction the budget of these ‘sequels’, is a more faithful Terminator follow-up than anything this mob has offered up in the last quarter-century.

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