Pre-Oscars catchup

‘The Big Short’ (dir. Adam McKay)

Very impressive ability to convey extremely complicated detail re-financial crisis in palatable, audience-friendly way. Really nailed that knack of not speaking down to the audience whilst not being impenetrable. Perhaps lacking in the bravura or edge of The Wolf of Wall Street. McKay’s comedy films have always had an unusual, weird kind of intelligence to them so it’s nice to see him pushing against the ceiling of his talents. Always good to see Christian Bale in non-grimdark mode.

‘Room’ (dir. Lenny Abrahamson)

I loved Brie Larson in the criminally under-seen Short Term 12 and I loved her even more in this. Same goes for Abrahamson who rolled out a gem with Frank and just builds on that promise. I haven’t read Emma Donoghue’s novel – by all accounts terrific – should have done that. It’s beautifully constructed, with a really stand-out score and a tremendous supporting cast. The central relationship between the boy and mother worked so well with Abrahamson handling the tricky subject matter with the same proficiency as he dealt with the mental health stuff in Frank.

‘Spotlight’ (dir. Tom McCarthy)

All the President’s Men and Zodiac quality procedural brilliance meets a fuckstorm of incredible character actor roles and worthy, provocative subject matter. Tom McCarthy drags me back to those happy days of The Wire Season V! The resurrection of Michael Keaton’s career is a joy to witness. Where were these parts ten or fifteen years ago?  Completely absorbing, completely satisfying to watch, actors bouncing around knowing knowing they’re doing their best work. Great.

I’ve seen all the Best Picture nominees now (except Brooklyn – out DVD 29/02). My loose favourites list goes something like Mad Max Fury Road, Spotlight, Bridge of Spies, The Martian, Room, The Revenant, The Big Short. It’s the best list of nominees since spring 2011, and to be honest I’d find any of those pictures a pretty worthy winner.