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‘Jurassic World’ (dir.Colin Trevorrow)

This theme park is negligently run, with seemingly no formal disaster policy or preparation, an incompetent staff and lax H&S. It’s populated by chronically stupid personnel with little to no sign of any regional Hispanic workers. Perhaps they realised it’s a death trap?

I mostly found the film a ball, more than a sniff of John Sayles bonkers ‘raptors with guns’ draft from 2005 and other development-process residuals fashioning an audience-pleasing retro feel quite unlike most of this summer’s output. It’s a Frankenstein’s monster of about twenty other films with an inexplicably Christmassy opening, multiple uses of John Williams’ themes and an endless succession of references to the original picture. Trevorrow might be pushing his luck with the more self-aware qualities, but it’s an enjoyable, dinosaur action picture that greatly improves on the two previous sequels. Messy, flawed but unashamedly dumbo monster fun.

If there’s one big miss, it just goes far to highlight how great Spielberg really is at this shit. He’s the grand master at pulling decent work from a supporting cast where Trevorrow falls headfirst at the character beats and chemistry, nailing the big awe and action technicals whilst showing a tin-ear for the cast fizz.

Other American shit I’ve watched:

‘It Follows’ (dir. David Robert Mitchell): Near perfect indie horror. Fascinating and terrifying ideas, strong young cast, amazing synth score. I loved this.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ (dir. George Miller): Best of 2015 thus far. Impeccable craft, ingenuity and entertainment value. Extraordinary performance from Theron, great practical vehicle stunts and refreshing gender politics.

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ (dir. Joss Whedon): Feels like a step back down for MCU after the A++ of Winter Soldier and Guardians. Great characters and humour let down by a pedestrian ‘threat’ and excessive bloaty runtime.

‘Furious 7’ (dir. James Wan): A series operating at its absolute highest level for the third consecutive film. Wan persevered through the difficult production and has produced a ballsy, giant, enormously entertaining blockbuster.

‘John Wick’ (dir. Stahelski/Leitch): Keanu Reeves best, and possibly only, good work since the original Matrix. Extremely impressive choreography and world building for such a tight budget.

‘Insidious 3’ (dir. Leigh Whanell): An elegance and technique missing from most horror sequels, let alone round 3. Blumhouse Productions are doing a lot of solid work recently so I’m happy to continue engaging with their strange little astral-projection mythology.

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