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January bits (so far)

‘The Hateful Eight’ (dir. Quentin Tarantino)

Reflections of Reservoir Dogs, but with the self-indulgence and period-fetish of his more recent work. People like to quibble about weak points in Tarantino’s canon, but I’ve yet to truly dislike any of his films after 8 features. Angst over the length was bowled away by the sheer quality of the craft and relish of the cast. He makes it look so easy.

‘Joy’ (dir. David O. Russell)

I’ve felt David O. Russell has been slowly disappearing up his own asshole with his last couple of features. I liked many things about Silver Lining’s Playbook and American Hustle, but there was a tinge of artifice and contrivance creeping into play that failed to satisfy quite like his more bitterly honest earlier stuff. Lawrence is excellent, albeit miscast – too youthful, the rest fails to really shift away from the sorts of problems the previous two pictures presented, but with an added identity crisis to boot. Is Joy a messy screwball relationship comedy or a drama of aspiration? I doubt even O.Russell knows.

‘The Revenant’ (dir. Alejandro González Iñárritu)

I find it hard to get excited about Iñárritu’s films, from the interesting but overrated Amores perros to the fun, frothy but really overrated Birdman. The Revenant had me from the start with its confidence, daring and beautiful, terrifying photography (Emmanuel Lubezki really is the master). DiCaprio deserves the awards simply for being such a trooper and diving into this shit so fearlessly. The audacity of Herzog with the beauty of Malick. I thought it was terrific.

‘Creed’ (dir. Ryan Coogler)

I remember thinking when Rocky Balboa came out in 2006 that it was probably the weightiest instalment since the original, but I’m thinking that honour now passes to this sequel-come-spin-off. I’m staggered by how satisfying it is and pretty much awed that such a fresh, character-centric story could pop up 40-years into a franchise. This isn’t just a good Rocky film but legitimately one of my favourite films of the season and well-deserving of all that praise/awards recognition floating around.

Other stuff:

*I‘ve blasted through all thirteen episodes of Marvel/Netflix’ impressive Jessica Jones, which held together better than the three other mixed-bag MCU shows. I liked much of last year’s Daredevil, but this is the first Marvel show I feel completely works as its own thing, with a steel spine and a really brilliant central character/performance bouncing off a truly intimidating threat. It’s so tight and focused. The feature film division and the other shows have a lot to learn from what they’ve done with this.

*I’ve read Stephen King’s 11/22/63 and Dan Hodges’ One Minute to Ten. Both were solid.

*I was quite sad about Alan Rickman and super sad about David Bowie. Apparently Celine Dion’s husband and thousands of other people died too but I didn’t give a shit about them so I’m generally fine with it.

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