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My Favourite 10 films of 2017

Mudbound (dir. Dee Rees)

Logan (dir. James Mangold)

Get Out (dir. Jordan Peele)

The Big Sick (dir. Michael Showalter)

Mother! (dir. Darren Aronofsky)

The Disaster Artist (dir. James Franco)

The Bad Batch (dir. Ana Lily Amirpour)

T2: Trainspotting (dir. Danny Boyle)

Thor: Ragnarok (dir. Taika Waititi)

Okja (dir. Bong Joon-ho)

• Almost made it: Blade Runner 2049, IT, Baby Driver, Gerald’s Game, Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Lego Batman Movie.

• No feature film release I saw came close to the breathtaking ambition of the Twin Peaks revival. The best thing I saw this year in any medium, and I’ve seen Hamilton! Just incredible. I’ll be watching for the third time in the New Year. I loved this.

• Won’t see most of the prime 2018 Oscar bait until January. Will gather thoughts prior to ceremony. Looking forward to Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Shape of Water and the Spielberg.

• I really disliked The Dark Tower. Having the kid survive and the gunslinger dodge his subsequent guilt is a misreading and mistake equivalent of a Harry Potter adaptation where Potter’s parents don’t die and he never goes to wizard school. It’s unforgiveable and suggests nobody involved ever read the stupid books during the decade+ of development. Justice League was also crap.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is probably better than the franchise deserves though I’m not surprised it pissed a lot of people off.

• Other shows watched include the current (or first) series of Rick & Morty, American Crime Story, Fargo, Game of Thrones, The Defenders, Master of None, Taboo, Doctor Who, Star Trek: Discovery, Mindhunter, Stranger Things, Wet hot American Summer & Glow. The aforementioned Twin Peaks iced all of them, with the possible exception of parts of the (excellent) Mindhunter.

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